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About Us

Lucie June is an e-boutique, founded by retail creative, Laura Fletcher. Created with a with a clear vision: to transcend trends, and focus on the individuality and innocence of childhood. Beautifully unique pieces that would be loved by all little ladies. Bringing their imagination to life in a wardrobe that is designed to explore this new world.

Each unique collection is designed and hand made in Perth, Australia for Salty mornings at the beach, afternoon play date’s at the park and those all important parties. Each range is crafted from luxurious cotton fabrics, that are digitally printed in America, using environmental friendly, water-based dyes. The fabrics are not only soft, but durable enough to handle the rough and tumble of a playful childhood. Each season we collaborate with artisan illustrators to create beautifully unique prints from around the world.

With playful character and a contemporary bohemian air, all Lucie June pieces are made to stand out and make memories in.

The journey of Lucie June, began when I was a little lady, growing up as a farmer’s daughter in Yorkshire, Fashion and design have always my passion.,but it certainly wasn’t an industry that I was surrounded by in that part of the world. For school art assignments based on the beach, I would make dresses out of shells and seaweed. Recycling projects, would turn into hats, made from autumn leaves and sweet wrappers.

I had my first taste of the fashion industry when I did some work experience at London Fashion Week, at the tender age of 16. This drove me to study fashion at the University of Leeds, which kicked off a fourteen year stint in the retail world as a designer/buyer. My career spanned the UK and Australia and included everything from small designers to large corporations. The pressures of London Fashion Week, global buying trips, managing overseas factories and the everyday corporate world… I loved it all. You could not beat the buzz of the design process. From the inspiration stage, to a design and then seeing your finished piece on the shop floor, across hundreds of stores.

Early on in my career I worked for a girls fashion brand in the UK, fuelling my dream to create my own brand, with my own personal touch. I wanted to create something that celebrated the vivid memories of growing up on the farm. The times when fun was innocent, before boys and society took over. When you dressed to look pretty and not to impress. I dreamt of creating a brand that celebrates what it means to be a little lady growing up.

Then, with a baby on board, whilst preparing for the next journey in my life, I would read the books that tell us how to prepare for parenthood. Advice from those who know. Experts who have studied countless examples, share the methods best applied in order to raise another perfect human. And when our bundle of joy arrived, screaming into this world, we realised that she is perfect and will always be perfect in her own way. Then, soon after leaving the maternity ward and as time progressed, we applied the books' method and realised that she is not like the countless examples, she is not just another human. She is an individual. She learns and does things her own way and often, the carbon copy methods might not fit her mould.

When Lucie arrived with an abundance of sass and character, I wanted to dress her in clothing that showcased who she is, what she's doing and even her moods. From this my dream grew into what you see in front of you. A brand centred on the innocence and individually of little ladies.

Watch this space, this is just the beginning.

For latest news and product release information please follow our instragram page @luciejune1