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Introducing, Lucie June...

Introducing, Lucie June...

My name is Laura and I am super excited to finally launch Lucie June.

This has been a dream for years, but it came to life a year ago when we registered Lucie June as a business in August 2016. The “go” button on a roller coaster year of emotions and self-doubt. But the brand is finally ready and I am super proud that is now live.

I know that there is so much competition out there and so many mum’s doing this. You are properly all wondering why we need another brand in an already crowded market? But this is my passion, I love getting up every day to plan, design and make what you see in front of you. This is my soul and I hope you enjoy our first summer collection.

Here is a bit about me and why I am doing this...

Throughout pregnancy, the books tell us how to prepare for parenthood. Advice from those who know. Experts who have studied countless examples, share the methods best applied in order to raise another perfect human. And when your bundle of joy arrives, screaming into this world, you realise that she is perfect and will always be perfect in her own way. Then, soon after leaving the maternity ward and as time progresses, you apply the books' method and soon realise that she is not like the countless examples, she is not just another human. She is an individual. She learns and does things her own way and often, the carbon copy methods might not fit her mould. I November 2015 I gave birth to my own perfect individual named Lucie June.

Maternity leave ended a stressful, fourteen-year stint in the retail world as a product developer. My career spanned the UK and Australia and included everything from small designers to large corporations. The pressures of London Fashion Week, global buying trips, managing overseas factories and the everyday corporate world, but I loved all of it.
You could not beat the buzz of the design process, from the inspiration stage, then a design, to seeing your finished piece on the shop floor across hundreds of stores. Early on in my career I worked for a girl’s fashion brand in the UK and ever since, it has been my dream to create my own brand, with my own personal touch. I have vivid memories of growing up on a farm in Yorkshire and I wanted to create something that celebrated that time in my life. The times when fun was innocent, before boys and society took over. When you dressed to look pretty and not to impress. I dreamt of creating a brand that celebrates what it means to be a little lady growing up.

Lucie arrived with an abundance of sass and character and I wanted to dress her in clothing that showcased who she is, what she's doing and even her moods. From this, my dream grew into what you see in front of you. A brand centred on the innocence and individually of little ladies.

Watch this space, like a new life, this is just the beginning for Lucie June.

Laura x x 

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